The Hot New Marketing Trends

If you are reading the tea leaves….here are the key trends and what you should be doing about them:

1. FEAR: People are acting out of fear. Real or perceived, they are fearful.

2. PRICE SHOPPING: They are shopping more for prices and deals than brands. Give people value, tell them how it’s of value, and give your loyal customers price breaks.

3. PROMISE VS. PERFORMANCE: Now more than ever you must over deliver on the customer experience. Do what you say you will do and exceed customer expectations.

4. COMMUNICATE: Increase your communications with customers but make it meaningful, relevant and two-way. Customers can see right through nice chat by a bank teller about “how’s your day?” That’s not meaningful. But ask a customer, “Are there any ways we could improve customer service for you?” Now that’s relevant and meaningful. Are you asking the right questions? Use in-person, blogs, your website, Twitter, etc.

5. BENEFITS: Keep reminding people about the benefits of your product(s) or service. They are looking for tangible benefits. They are also looking for solutions relevant to their lives.

6. USE SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, websites, text messaging, Word of Mouth Marketing programs, YouTube, Facebook, etc. (Reminder, I am happy to do a seminar or consult with you on your projects).


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