New Trends in Business Communications

There are some important new trends happening in business communications to be aware of which will affect how you do business.


Mobile connectivity offers you the opportunity to not only listen to your client and customer needs 24/7, you have a rare opportunity to see them face to face using FaceTime or Skype. These are important whether you manage people, are in marketing and sales, or consulting. You most important customer is your current customer. It’s important you understand your customers wants and needs and “over-deliver” on them. By seeing them face to face you have the opportunity to see some of the important body language that would be missing in a phone call or written message.


The cloud in all of it’s forms offers the opportunity for sharing. Many businesses think of the cloud as storage. Instead, think of the cloud as a sort of Google Docs opportunity. When you work with clients, what do you need to collaborate on that would be beneficial to all parties if accessible via the cloud in 24/7 real time. 


Remember everyone is trying to hack into someone, whether personal or business. We must all be on guard. Nothing damages the reputation of business more than a breach of security. Trust is the heart of every business. If you have checked your security, check again. If any employee uses WiFi outside the office, it must be secure, not at a coffee shop or airport. How simple is it to hack? I found a car in my neighborhood just a few years ago full of scanners going up and down the street looking for home WiFi networks to hack. 


Nothing is more powerful than giving your clients and customers “remarkable service.” Good isn’t enough anymore. Good is average. Today you must give remarkable service at every touch point in your business; this means service and experiences that are so remarkable your customers and clients would go out of their way to tell others how great you are. Anything less and you are wasting your money. 

Action Tip: This means who you hire at a front desk, to answer phones, etc., may be your most important hires because they have the first contact with customers.


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