Get Relevant or Die!

Are Your Posts As Relevant and Interesting as They Could Be? Should Be? 

Everyday people ask me what they should post. I always give them the same answer: News that is relevant and interesting to your followers. The rule is that 80% of your posts should be relevant and interesting to your followers, and only 20% self-promotion. Why? Who wants to follow a business that only promotes itself (unless you are giving out 50% off coupons). 

In business, as in life, to get sales, you need to help your clients and customers be more successful. To do that effectively you need to know them well, know their wants and needs, and give them information and news that will help them.

If you are a medical facility, what are the health stories that will be of interest to your patients? High tech? What are the industry stories your clients want to know? 

It’s all about being known as a “thought leader,” creating and having the conversations that are relevant to your clients, and giving them information that will help them succeed. That is what builds bonds and relationships. That is what builds meaningful sales leads.


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