We Are at the Early Stages of "Social TV"

Advertising Age window.onload=function() { self.print(); }To try and hold audiences the networks are now turning to Facebook, Twitter and the like….at least that’s the latest from AdAge.com. Using new social-media tools, producers are trying to build up their old-media offerings and beef up their audiences for advertisers. John Moore, exec VP-director of media services at Interpublic Group’s Mullen agency says, “We are in the early, early stages of what is now kind of being deemed ‘social TV.'” He expects Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and various widgets will be packaged with a new breed of TV sets.

Companies that produce TV shows are trying to monitor when fans talk about the programs, then harness that chatter as another tool for sponsors. Time Warner’s TBS ran a scroll of selected tweets from fans of its new late-night “Lopez Tonight” show on high-definition screens in Times Square and in about 300 bars around the country. Walt Disney’s ABC recently unveiled a new feature for its ABC.com video player that allows users to read comments from show producers and writers, while adding their own commentary, also sharable on Facebook.

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