Use Facebook to Reach Moms!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—

Use Facebook to reach moms!
Now a MomConnection® study reveals new understanding of how product information moves through the mom market

Five thousand moms were surveyed and guess what? 60% report having used a social network in the past 24 hours.

Facebook is moms’ social network of choice, by a wide margin.
(*Percentage of moms who reported that they were members)

1. Facebook (81%)
2. (39%)
3. Myspace (38%)
4. YouTube (36%)
5. CafeMom (31%)
6. Twitter (23%)
7. LinkedIn (21%)

So where do moms get advice on product purchases?

Moms’ most frequently-used* sources of product research and buying advice:
(*Percentage that use chosen sources “all of the time” for advice)

1. Mom-focused web sites (41%)
2. User reviews on shopping web sites (34%)
3. Magazine articles (32%)

The survey also found that moms interact with brands on a surprisingly high level, actively requesting information and resources from the companies whose products they use. One-on-one interaction with brands is their preferred way to receive info:

* 81% have visited a brand’s web site for more information
* 65% have signed up to receive a newsletter from a brand
* 36% have posted a link or joined a fan group on Facebook

How do moms spread the word once they’ve formulated an opinion about a product?

The research found that nearly all moms are “influencers” in some way:

* 94% of moms give advice to other moms in at least one product category.
* The average mom gives and get advice in more than 8 product categories.
* 69% recommend specific brands by name to other moms.
* 54% have rated or reviewed a brand online.
* 37% have posted their opinions about a product in an online forum or blog.

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