New Ways to Market: Go for Twitter & Facebook!

How pervasive is Twitter and Facebook? Back to school pitches have turned to those two channels in some big cases instead of traditional media.

USA Today is out with a great story today….Case in point, the Britney Spears‘ new back-to-school commercial for Candie’s. It wasn’t on TV or in theaters or event on the website for the hip seller of footwear and clothing. The spot was on social-networking sites Facebook and and promoted by Spears via social network Twitter. Candie’s purposefully launched the ad this way in hopes that millions of girls will send it back and forth to each other.

Last year, cutting-edge back-to-school marketing for the pop culture-driven brand was all about luring young girls to the website. This year, back-to-school marketing is all about driving discussion in online social-media “communities.”

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