The Power of Customer Evangelists

Ah there’s nothing like recruiting your greatest critics and turning them into your greatest friends. The power of personal public relations. Take the case of the Golden Arches. They’ve recruited moms — often its toughest critics — as “quality correspondent. ” They will be citizen consumer reporters. The idea is to spread the message — which it hopes to craft into a positive one — about McDonaldland and its products.

The idea is similar to what Microsoft has done with bloggers on its Xbox forum.

This is powerful public relations. Already this move garnered the Golden Arches national publicity. As these moms go inside and learn about the “quality controls” and provide feedback they no doubt will feel empowered and begin blogging their hearts out about how great McDonalds is.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Copy this formula. McDonalds is brilliant. Bring in your toughest critics. Convert them to be your customer evangelists.

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