Breaking Through the Clutter

As the world tries to break through the clutter ask yourself what works and what doesn’t. When a message resonates with you ask yourself why? Was it the message, the form, or how or where it was transmitted?

We are bombarded with thousands of messages daily. It’s massive overload. We received 102 billion pieces of mail in 2006. That’s not even counting print, television, radio and the internet.

So how do you cut through the clutter? At least one company is trying door hangers. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times: The Quiznos restaurant chain used PowerDirect advertising when it began offering home delivery last year. Josh Kern, who was then senior vice president of marketing for the company, said that nearly 3% of households that received door hangers responded to the ads, more than double the response rate to direct-mail ads for the same campaign. Door hangers, at 31 cents apiece, were half the price of direct mail, he said.

So what do you think it takes to break through the clutter?

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