Great Tips on Corporate Blogging

Once again Andy Sernovitz, author of Word of Mouth Marketing has some winning tips on WOMM and corporate blogging.

1 Pick a topic: Write about something that no one else is writing about. Pick a unique slant on an industry, and blog exclusively about that.

2 Call to all employees: Your CEO or Director of Marketing doesn’t have to blog. Send out an open call to all employees simply asking who wants to be a blogger. The people who want to blog will make the best corporate bloggers.

3 Try a group blog: Create a variety of content by getting a bunch of your employees writing on your blog. If you have only one blogger and she leaves the company, your blog is in trouble. The more voices on your blog, the better.

4 Test it out in real time: Start writing regularly until your blog finds a voice, topic, and an audience. When other blogs start linking back to you, you’ve hit the right one.

Read Andy’s blog

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