Powerful Words to Sell the Customer Experience!

If you want to write copy that persuades people to buy a product or service realize that it’s an art and a science. First, no copy will ever make up for not providing a GREAT customer experience. That’s most important. But after that, how you message your points can be critical. These words are powerful.

YOU: Don’t write about the customer as if she/he is some 3rd party. It’s about helping “you.”

FREE: If you have something of value you can offer your customers for free, as a sample, as an incentive, etc., FREE carries weight, especially in today’s economy. People love FREE stuff.

SECRET: Have a “secret” you can share to your readers/followers? Do it. We love secrets and the word has magic IF you actually can deliver on the word.

GUARANTEE: This is powerful. A guarantee is a great way to convince your customer you stand behind your product or service. But what are you willing to guarantee? Their satisfaction? The product? The quality? Your commitment?

The words are just the start. What matters most is the customer experience.