The Power and Influence of Social Media!

As many of you know in addition to providing training conferences, workshops and consulting, I am also an educator at The University of Washington, Seattle University and City University of Seattle.

One of the books I use is Erik Qualman’s “Socialnomics.” Erik is bright and gives us plenty to think about in his books, and especially in his videos.

I urge you to buy the book and use this video to demonstrate to others why social media is so powerful. It IS how we communicate today. 

Seattle University Students Score Big in Word of Mouth & Social Networking!

It’s truly amazing what an enthusiastic group of students can learn in eight short weeks. I just finished teaching an MBA level course on word of mouth marketing and social media at Seattle University and I was absolutely amazed at their final projects.

Along the way I asked the students to write about their takeaways from “Word of Mouth Marketing” by Andy Sernovitz (a book I use for the course), “Socialnomics,” by Erik Qualman (another book I use), and much more.

We covered everything from WOM to all of the current social networking channels including mobile.

I encourage you to read some of the posts by these bright students!

Social media for social change for social good.

Social media is so much more than marketing, creating communities, listening to customers and having a two-way dialogue. It’s also about using the tools and platforms for change—real change—that makes a difference in the world.

Whether you are an individual, an organization, an association, or a company—it’s your (our) responsibility to use these tools for social good.

I’m reminded of a story from 2010 in which a social media leader had a real epiphany — a real “ah ha” moment about social media for social change. As he tells the story here he is pounding out his blog every day with thousands of readers when his wife comes home and says she wants to help a mother and kids after they became homeless because of a domestic violence situation. The writer took the family in and then  tweeted the need for $5,000 to help set the family up in an apartment. 

Was he surprised. By the next day people had sent in $17,000 via Pay Pal — and he didn’t even know most of these people. 

The moral of this story is to do the same thing. Use your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn connections to help others. Social media for social change for social good.
Joe Barnes

Great Stories by Great Students

I just finished teaching an MBA class on Word of Mouth Marketing and Social Media at Seattle University. The students were great and part of the class was maintaining a class blog. Many of the posts were very thought provoking. They ranged from reviews of Word of Mouth Marketing by Andy Sernovitz and Socialnomics by Erik Qualman, to a review of ethics and discussion of ethical case studies. 

Please dig deep into this blog. I know you will be impressed.