Social Media Ethics Made Easy

Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply With FTC Guidelines

Joseph W. Barnes

E-book Price: $19.95
Number of Pages:  120
Print ISBN:  9781606498521
E-book ISBN:  9781606498538

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Social Media Ethics Made Easy takes an in-depth look at the risks of social, digital and mobile media marketing without structured policies. Readers will learn what is at stake from the law to their reputation, and what happens if businesses and/or individuals do not disclose relationships or comply with (FTC) Federal Trade Commission regulations. Readers will come to understand what they should do, why, and how they should do it.

The issues in this book affect every single business from for-profits, to nonprofits, to government and educational institutions. It also addresses the impact on every single social/digital media participant and why they must learn about these guidelines so they can protect their own personal brand. This book is intended for a broad audience including students and professors in both undergrad and graduate schools, and practicing business executives. The goal is to inform management practice and help current and future business leaders navigate through the ethical laws and compliance issues affecting social, digital and mobile media.

There is Nothing More Important Than the Customer Experience!

For all of the social and digital media advice and trends I provide on this website, as I preach at conferences, keynotes, when I’m teaching, and anywhere people will listen—all of the social media engagement and listening in the world is trumped by remarkable customer service. 

If you provide remarkable customer service, people will tell others through word of mouth and through social media. Conversely, if you have poor touch points with customer service, people will tell others.

I was flying cross country a couple of weeks ago and had a layover at DFW. Now I know airline gate agents are stressed to the max and have to deal with some outrageous people and situations at times, but watching what was happening for a few hours was amazing.

This happened to be American Airlines. I’m sure American has thousands of amazing people who go out of their way to help customers and make them feel good. However, on this day, at this gate, for a few hours, that wasn’t the case. The customers who would approach these gate agents did so politely. For three hours, never did I see a smile. Never did I see anything other than multi-tasking, transaction agents, mostly looking down while “customers” approached them.

Here are a few things to think about:
1. Love your job or leave it. It’s not prison.
2. Love your customers or leave them. Your job isn’t prison.
3. Provide remarkable customer service that people will talk about, otherwise your business is invisible and no different than any other business.

(c)  Joseph Barnes 

Now will you believe me? For marketers—It’s all about the content!

I’ve said this many times before and I will say it again: If you are in any facet of marketing, It’s All About the Content! 

It’s about the stories you tell on Facebook, in your newsletters, on your websites, in your paid commercials, and in the videos you shoot.

NEW: Now from TechFlash comes this  development:

“Analysts are expecting Inc. to begin producing its own original television programs soon.”

Fortune reports that Amazon’s television programming unit is headed by a TV production veteran in Los Angeles who previously worked at the Comedy Centralnetwork. The story quotes analysts who believe that Amazon, which now is publishing its own books, would be smart to begin producing its own TV shows.

There has been previous speculation about Amazon’s possible move into TV production. Amazon formed Amazon Studios in 2010, soliciting screenplays from writers at the time.

Be Careful What You Post on Facebook!

Here’s a video that has gone viral. You’ll see why. It seems Tommy Jordan, who is an IT specialist and a dad, spent time fixing his daughter’s computer and paying for new software. In the process Tommy read a Facebook post by his daughter — a cussing rant against her parents. So Tommy decided to read her letter on YouTube and take some rather “unusual” action.

You have to see it to believe it.

Three Important Facebook Sites You Should Visit!

Whether you think you know everything there is about Facebook or not, there are three important sites that offer some great insights. Some ideas come from the team at Facebook and some come from Facebook users themselves.

#1: This Page is run by Facebook employees. There are good stories about how businesses are using Facebook for marketing campaigns.

#2: This site has some of the best practices and conversations showing how businesses and organizations are using Facebook for Public Relations.

#3: Facebook Videos: This site has very helpful videos providing advice and tips on using Facebook for marketing.

Why Facebook’s facial recognition system is Scary! Important Read!

CBS News is out with a very intriguing story — here’s the opening line: “Remember last weekend, when you were at that party and friends were snapping photographs to post on Facebook? What if that seemingly innocent act could lead to identity theft or real-life stalking?”

Why is it so important to read this story? Because of a recent study done at Heinz College, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) called “Faces of Facebook: Privacy in the Age of Augmented Reality.”

The study looked at the “consequences and implications of the convergence of three technologies: face recognition, cloud computing, and online social networks.”

Here is the bottom line — and this is important: The researchers argue that with current technology, we could be “re-identified” and have our social security numbers stolen.

While I have. included links to the study, here’s the fast way — click here

Social media for social change for social good.

Social media is so much more than marketing, creating communities, listening to customers and having a two-way dialogue. It’s also about using the tools and platforms for change—real change—that makes a difference in the world.

Whether you are an individual, an organization, an association, or a company—it’s your (our) responsibility to use these tools for social good.

I’m reminded of a story from 2010 in which a social media leader had a real epiphany — a real “ah ha” moment about social media for social change. As he tells the story here he is pounding out his blog every day with thousands of readers when his wife comes home and says she wants to help a mother and kids after they became homeless because of a domestic violence situation. The writer took the family in and then  tweeted the need for $5,000 to help set the family up in an apartment. 

Was he surprised. By the next day people had sent in $17,000 via Pay Pal — and he didn’t even know most of these people. 

The moral of this story is to do the same thing. Use your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn connections to help others. Social media for social change for social good.
Joe Barnes

Video Viewing Online is UP!

Great story on today that’s very revealing….

According to new data from the Pew Internet and American Life Project nine in 10 Internet users ages 18-29 use video-sharing sites, up from 72% one year ago. In fact..get this…watching online videos on sites like YouTube is more prevalent than the use of social networking sites. And there’s another big finding: Over the past year, the share of online women who visit video-sharing sites has grown substantially–from 46% in 2008 to 59% in the latest survey.

YOU Are the Brand!

There’s a great article in today’s edition of USA Today about LinkedIn. The site already has 33 million members and is growing rapidly, especially in this economic climate. People are networking big time. They are recommending each other, and looking for ways to increase their profile. It’s a great business tool. But it’s more than that. YOU are a brand. Use LinkedIn to market YOU—your brand. What transferable skills do you want to showcase? Do you want recruiters to see that you can cross industries or be locked into a narrow range? What you write about yourself and what those who recommend you say, can make a big difference.