Social Media Ethics Made Easy

Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply With FTC Guidelines

Joseph W. Barnes

E-book Price: $19.95
Number of Pages:  120
Print ISBN:  9781606498521
E-book ISBN:  9781606498538

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Social Media Ethics Made Easy takes an in-depth look at the risks of social, digital and mobile media marketing without structured policies. Readers will learn what is at stake from the law to their reputation, and what happens if businesses and/or individuals do not disclose relationships or comply with (FTC) Federal Trade Commission regulations. Readers will come to understand what they should do, why, and how they should do it.

The issues in this book affect every single business from for-profits, to nonprofits, to government and educational institutions. It also addresses the impact on every single social/digital media participant and why they must learn about these guidelines so they can protect their own personal brand. This book is intended for a broad audience including students and professors in both undergrad and graduate schools, and practicing business executives. The goal is to inform management practice and help current and future business leaders navigate through the ethical laws and compliance issues affecting social, digital and mobile media.

Digital Technology Opportunities in Education

I am pleased to share that I will be a guest presenter Friday, October 19th at City University of Seattle in Vancouver, BC. I will be speaking to educators about opportunities and best practices to use digital and social media in K-12 and higher education. 

This is a passion of mine and some of the examples I have to show are amazing. The attendees will see students and teachers from the United States and all over the world not only embracing technology, but using technology and social media in innovative ways. I’ll be showing how texting is being used in class, how iPads are enhancing learning outcomes, how students are creating and editing videos to demonstrate their knowledge, how social and digital media are being use to encourage collaboration, and much more.

My sincere thanks to City University of Seattle. By the way, this special presentation is expected to take place in February or March in Seattle. 

For more information about the Albright School of Education, click here.

  • Small class sizes
  • Over 500 students each year choose CityU to start or advance their careers in education
  • More than 20 education degrees, endorsements and certificates
  • Graduates of ASOE programs have been recognized as Outstanding Principal of the Year and Teacher of the Year in Washington