Social Media Ethics Made Easy

Social Media Ethics Made Easy: How to Comply With FTC Guidelines

Joseph W. Barnes

E-book Price: $19.95
Number of Pages:  120
Print ISBN:  9781606498521
E-book ISBN:  9781606498538

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Social Media Ethics Made Easy takes an in-depth look at the risks of social, digital and mobile media marketing without structured policies. Readers will learn what is at stake from the law to their reputation, and what happens if businesses and/or individuals do not disclose relationships or comply with (FTC) Federal Trade Commission regulations. Readers will come to understand what they should do, why, and how they should do it.

The issues in this book affect every single business from for-profits, to nonprofits, to government and educational institutions. It also addresses the impact on every single social/digital media participant and why they must learn about these guidelines so they can protect their own personal brand. This book is intended for a broad audience including students and professors in both undergrad and graduate schools, and practicing business executives. The goal is to inform management practice and help current and future business leaders navigate through the ethical laws and compliance issues affecting social, digital and mobile media.


The NEW CRM Rules!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is changing rapidly and if your company or organization is in the stone age—that is—just capturing data—you are being left behind.

Today’s world is about “Social CRM.” It’s no longer just gathering data and segmentation/selling to that data.

In today’s world you don’t sell to a number. You sell to people. And people are social, have expectations, and want to be treated special.

It used to be that “sales” representatives would “handle” customers. In the new age, all employees should be customer-focused. It used to be there would be period customer engagement when they placed an order. Now, as customers interact and talk about your brand, products and services, CRM is about “sustained customer engagement.”

And that’s the key. The future of CRM is social, not data. It’s not about a computer application, it’s about people. What do you know about your best customers that can go into that database? In the nonprofit world they put in meaningful personal information about children, family life, events important to a donor. As a for-profit business have you ever thought enough about your customer to do that so you can have a meaningful conversation?

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