NEW RESEARCH: It’s All About the Customer Experience!

Forrester is out with a new report about retailing and it’s incredibly revealing. The report, titled “The Future of Retail and Tomorrow’s Consumer,” demonstrates just how powerful the “customer experience” is — at every touchpoint.

The number one finding: “The impact of delivering poor experiences in one channel extends across all touchpoints.
This means a bad experience in one channel cuts across an entire company and all touchpoints.

Another important finding:
“Retailers fall short of many consumers’ mobile expectations. Consumers are using mobile devices to inform
their purchase decisions across touchpoints and indicate a strong desire to leverage them even further in
the future.”

As for the younger demo, Forrester reports they have the highest expectations of the experience. 

The bottom line from Forrester:

“A retailer who delivers a sub‐par online or mobile experience, for example, will see the impact of that experience
reflected in how consumers view the company’s other channels