How To Win At Social Media

If you want to win in social media, read this every day:
1. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, website, etc.,  are just technology tools. Nothing more.
2. To use them successfully, it’s about creating “relationships” and “communities.” That’s why Facebook is so successful. It’s a community for you and your friends. It’s “social.”
3. Creating “community” and “relationships” means engaging people, having two-way conversations (not just pushing information at them), listening to what they are interested in, responding to their wants and needs, and sharing things (pictures, information, etc) that are RELEVANT to their lives—not yours. 
4. It’s about getting them to share their stories, their pictures, their videos of why they use and like your brand. It’s NOT about you telling them why they should like your brand. 
5. Be real, be authentic, and engage. Don’t run away from a problem. Face it head on. That’s the magic of social media. You get to see and hear the problems instead of them be underground.
6. Create a website that gives instant access to your brand and let people connect with what they like and love. Don’t just “post” stories, data, facts and figures. The website is and should be about two-way relationships. Create ways for people to “engage” on your website. 

It’s Not About the Tweet, It’s About the Relationship!!

Yes, you heard me right. If you’re using Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, blogs and all the rest of them, I applaud you. You know the tools and you are using them. But the key issue is what are you doing with the? If you just Tweet and tell the world what flight you took or what the commute is like or that you just had dinner with your friends—who cares? Twitter and all of these social media tools are about building communities. They are tools to build relationships.

If you tweet from a company account do you try to solicit comments from your customers? Twitter is a great two-way communications tool IF you ask questions. Are you just posting comments or are you creating a two-way dialogue with your tools?

Whether you are a non-profit trying to build a relationship with donors or a corporation trying to build a relationship with customers — use social media tools for relationships.

ROI May Be Measurable in Facebook & MySpace

Jack Neff is out with a story in proclaiming that ROI may be measurable in Facebook and MySpace afterall. Here’s the theory—-

MySpace teamed with ComScore, which uses a panel of more than 1 million people in the U.S. to track internet usage, and Dunnhumby, which runs loyalty programs for supermarket retailers and has access to loyalty-card purchase data from 59 million people in the U.S. The two panels include 60,000 people who are part of both databases, creating a single-source database that allows a definitive look at how internet ads affect offline purchases.”

“One of the first studies was for an unnamed personal-care brand that ran a $1 million campaign on MySpace last year, including a contest in which members submitted videos of themselves and friends for others in the network to vote on. The program also included online couponing.”

“By the measure that matters most, sales, the campaign appeared to pay off nicely. It produced $1.28 million in offline sales, as measured by Dunnhumby, which compared purchases among shoppers not exposed to the campaign with purchases among those who were. That amounted to a 28% return on investment, not counting returns from repeat sales among consumers the brand won via the campaign.”

Women Over 55 Flocking to Facebook!

Story on CNN today highlights the incredible changes in social media. “While online social networks like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are known hang-outs for younger adults and teenagers, older generations in recent months have been taking to the medium at a faster rate than any other age group, according to industry reports.”

The highlights:

  • Women older than 55 make up the fastest-growing age group on Facebook
  • Expert says the site has hit a “tipping point,” causing older people to join
  • Some older family members use the site to get in touch with younger generations
  • One mother says Facebook has become her family’s “living room”

Fascinating New Study — When/Where We See Ads Online

Just out from MediaPost a study by Microsoft’s Atlas Institute looks at when and where consumers see ads online which in turn gives us info on the planning of marketing campaigns. You could build awareness on new products/services by starting campaigns on sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter–then follow with pay-per-click campaigns on major sites like Google.

Interesting study findings:

  • Users of social media visit sites to connect and share experiences with friends and family.
  • Most ads influence consumers as early as 60 days prior, but about half of the ads get conversion credit under the last ad and last click model within the final five days.

Web Video Hotter Than Broadcast TV for Some!

MediaPost is just out with new research from LiveRail showing 18-24 year olds now spend more time watching web-distributed video than broadcast TV. According to the survey, frequent viewers are now watching an average of 273.1 minutes of online video content per month–up from 195 minutes a year ago. LiveRail’s survey included over 400 respondents in the 18-24 category and was conducted online via popular social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

Read about the survey here.