The Mobile-Social Mom!

“According to a new eMarketer report, “The Mobile-Social Mom: Speeding the Trend Toward ‘Mobile First’,” if you want to know who is moving over to mobile social media, look no further than mom. eMarketer estimates that as many as half of all moms with children under 18 in the household will use mobile devices to access social networks in 2012.”

“Moms more likely to own smartphones, tablets compared to general consumers.”

“Moms are on the leading edge of a behavioral shift that has marketers and social networks scrambling. They may soon become the first demographic group who will use the mobile phone or tablet more often than the computer to access social networks.”

Moms Are More Active Users of Social Media Platforms!

New findings just out on a study by Performics highlights mothers as more present, active and engaged users of social networking sites, compared to other women. 

According to the study, mothers are approximately 61% more likely than other women to own a smartphone. They are also more likely to be active on social networking sites. They are also 75% more likely than other women to trust information they receive from companies through social networking sites.

The study shows that moms, more so than non-moms and the general public, trust brands on social sites and often look to that interaction as the primary point of contact. 

More Moms Using Online Recommendations When Buying Kid Products!

According to a new study commissioned by Child’s Play Communications from The NPD Group Inc., 79% of all moms in the U.S. with children under the age of 18 are active in social media.  Of these moms, about one in four say they have purchased a child’s product as a result of a recommendation from a social networking site or blog. 

Based on responses from more than 2,000 active social media moms, it is evident that online recommendations have even more impact among the most frequent social media users: 43% of active social media moms who use these sites on a daily basis have purchased a children’s product as the result of a recommendation from these sites.

More than half (55%) of these moms said they made their purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog and 40% from a Facebook recommendation.

Good insights into mothers and vacations from study results

From “Engage Moms” and MediaPost….The majority (43%) of Moms said they book the vacation one to three months in advance — when schools, activities and work schedules become clearer. Moms plan on spending about the same or less than they did last year, while a small minority will be spending more. Their budgets generally range from $500 – $3,000, and families will be staying closer to home.
Moms discussed the most important factors for them when booking a vacation: price was first and then location/destination.
For marketers attempting to reach vacationers this summer:
* The economy still plays a factor in vacation plans for families — many Moms will choose to spend less overall.

The Difference Between Women With and Without Kids!

Sarah Mahoney reports on that when it comes to online marketing there are some real differences between what women with and without kids are interested in receiving. It’s coming from a new study by Prospectiv. One example is that moms are more likely to say they want to hear from brands frequently.

When asked what type of information they are most like to receive by email, for example, 45% of the mothers in the survey say “anything that pertains to my lifestyle,” versus 30% of the women without kids. And only 25% of the moms say, “Don’t send me anything at all,” versus 35% of the non-moms.

Mothers are also far more likely to use product samples offered online (47% versus 38%) and use online coupons (40% versus 34%.) Women without kids are more likely to say that coupons and samples have less impact, and 27% of them say they buy products only when they need them, compared with just 20% of the mothers surveyed.

How To Market To The Digital Mom

Great post by Tracey Hope-Ross “How to Market to the Digital Mom.” Tracey says moms increasingly view traditional media as intrusive and disruptive. Social media cuts through the clutter. Moms use social media to swiftly pass along ideas and product assessments to others. She says the majority of moms are “social researchers” who seek out online reviews.

She says to connect work realistically within moms’ daily schedules. Intimate events and parties can be used as catalysts to ultimately drive sales and attendance to larger brand events in the area. Social media provides creative new ways to establish or augment connections with moms.

The NEW Power of Moms!

Good post recently by Lolita Carrico on MediaPost’s Engage Moms about the power of moms…and every marketer should read this one.

According to a recent eMarketer report, 50% of moms find online reviews from “others like me” to be a valuable source of information.

So, how do marketers get involved in effective sampling and word of mouth campaigns? Some pointers:

1. Target the recipients of your product
2. Look for a partner with an engaged community
3. Continue to engage with your influencers

Word of mouth strategies are effective on many levels. The key is to be authentic in your outreach and expect authentic feedback in return.