Important Mobile Predictions To Watch For in 2012!

2012 will see big changes in mobile—not only with smartphones, but advancement with tablets, and continued growth of e-commerce by customers who own these devices. Why? Because the smart businesses are making it easier to complete a mobile purchase.
In 2011 20% of all searches were conducted from mobile devices. 
What’s ahead?

Voice Searching Will Skyrocket: The latest iPhone has taught us voice searches work well. This will be copied by others and grow exponentially.

Look For Big Retailers To Embrace Mobile:
Some are there already and more will follow. Look for more apps that make shopping and e-commerce easier for customers, and new ways for customers to use mobile inside of stores as retailers create more engaging shopping “experiences.”

Mobile Tablet Use Will Skyrocket!From iPads, to Android tablets, to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, in 2012 consumers will buy more tablets and by the end of the year the percentage of the public using tablets will soar. In fact, more people will see and use tablets as an alternative to traditional laptops. They are easy to carry, easy to use, have better options than smartphones, make e-commerce a breeze, and give e-tailers and retailers options to creating engaging online experiences with their brand. Expect marketers to continue to develop engaging, rich, mobile Web experiences.  

Expect to see traditional television programs to integrate real-time mobile use to create greater overall engagement and participation by viewers. Sports programs, the top network news programs and shows like American Idol may lead the way.  You will have the opportunity to feel like you are a part of the program through these “experiences.” 

(c) Joseph Barnes

NEW RESEARCH: It’s All About the Customer Experience!

Forrester is out with a new report about retailing and it’s incredibly revealing. The report, titled “The Future of Retail and Tomorrow’s Consumer,” demonstrates just how powerful the “customer experience” is — at every touchpoint.

The number one finding: “The impact of delivering poor experiences in one channel extends across all touchpoints.
This means a bad experience in one channel cuts across an entire company and all touchpoints.

Another important finding:
“Retailers fall short of many consumers’ mobile expectations. Consumers are using mobile devices to inform
their purchase decisions across touchpoints and indicate a strong desire to leverage them even further in
the future.”

As for the younger demo, Forrester reports they have the highest expectations of the experience. 

The bottom line from Forrester:

“A retailer who delivers a sub‐par online or mobile experience, for example, will see the impact of that experience
reflected in how consumers view the company’s other channels