Joe Barnes Appointed as Senior Vice President at the Money Channel Worldwide, Inc.

Money Channel Worldwide, Inc. is pleased to announce a significant new member joining its marketing and management team. 

 Joseph Barnes of is joining the Company as a consultant effective September 1, 2012, and on January 1, 2013 will join the corporate senior management team with the title: Senior Vice President Interactive Media.

Chairman and CEO, Steve Crowley, stated: “Joe Barnes is one the most knowledgeable experts today in the areas of “new media” and “interactive media.” He teaches at four major universities and lectures nationwide to executives of Fortune 500 companies about how to develop direct access to the millions that now watch and listen on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices- We are pleased to have Joe join our team to expand MCW’s access to viewers in this fast growing sector.”

Joe will continue his university instructor roles, other consulting roles, and nationwide speaking in addition to his new duties with Money Channel Worldwide, Inc. 

Contact Information
Steve Crowley
Chairman & C.E.O.
Phone: (888)

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