GirlFest Momentum Continues!

PEMCO Insurance has joined a fabulous list of great companies supporting the biggest event for girls this year —- Girlfest 2010 — happening August 28th at the Qwest Field Event Center in Seattle! It’s “Everything Cool About Being A Girl.” 10,000 girls and their families are expected!!

Imagine, three live stages with entertainment, over 100 vendors with interactive experiences for the girls, and great sponsors with interactive experiences! From climbing walls, to learning how to check oil and tire pressure, to being a TV journalist for a day, to much more—-join the fun and be a part of the biggest event for families with young children this year—GirlFest 2010!

See the video, buy tickets, sign up to be a vendor and learn how you can be a sponsor at
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Joe Barnes

Personal: A Desperate Need—Can You Help?

Girl Scouts of Western Washington desperately needs a pickup truck for camps. The current one has holes in the floor and the driver sits on a cardboard box. If you have access to a new or used pickup truck or know of someone who does, and is willing to donate the truck, it can make a big difference for the camps and in the lives of the girls.

Please contact Joe Barnes, Chief Marketing and Development Officer, Girl Scouts of Western Washington,


What Will Criminals Think of Next?

Those damn criminals! They always seem to get in the way of the world don’t they?

If you didn’t hear about this get ready….little Brownies and Girl Scouts innocently selling cookies in Kitsap County, WA this past weekend when hit by counterfeiters. As many as 17-19 troops were hit. The poor kids…all they wanted to do was raise money for camp. But an interesting thing happened along the way. In this era of caring and sharing, as news coverage hit Seattle, then the state, then the nation, people started asking how they could help and people across the country wanted to send in $10 here, $20 there and it has been amazing. As I told a Seattle Times reporter: “The girls already learn to give back to the community. Now, they’re seeing the community giving back to them.

What penalty do they deserve?

Girls Rock!

Here’s an opportunity to see the power of Girl Scouts and how the organization changes the lives of girls in positive ways. It’s a new video hot off the DVD presses of Girl Scouts of Western Washington that features the girls themselves. It’s the real stories, the heart-felt stories, the emotional stories from girls who learned leadership, self-esteem, self-confidence and so much more. I invite you to watch the video and let me know your feedback. Thanks.