Now will you believe me? For marketers—It’s all about the content!

I’ve said this many times before and I will say it again: If you are in any facet of marketing, It’s All About the Content! 

It’s about the stories you tell on Facebook, in your newsletters, on your websites, in your paid commercials, and in the videos you shoot.

NEW: Now from TechFlash comes this  development:

“Analysts are expecting Inc. to begin producing its own original television programs soon.”

Fortune reports that Amazon’s television programming unit is headed by a TV production veteran in Los Angeles who previously worked at the Comedy Centralnetwork. The story quotes analysts who believe that Amazon, which now is publishing its own books, would be smart to begin producing its own TV shows.

There has been previous speculation about Amazon’s possible move into TV production. Amazon formed Amazon Studios in 2010, soliciting screenplays from writers at the time.

The Magic of Digital Storytelling!

As you read through many of my posts you have seen that I talk frequently about the powerful magic of storytelling. Using digital tools you can create powerful digital “experiences.”

Always look for the “nuggets,” not just something that you can replicate or seeing a video and thinking “we can’t don that.” Look for the inspiration, the little ideas and build on those.

With that in mind, here’s a very funny foreign commercial with some great surprising reveals.

Powerful Digital Storytelling!

Whether you are a small or large nonprofit, a small or large for-profit, digital storytelling is a powerful way to get your message across—and create powerful word of mouth marketing. Nothing is more powerful than someone “experiencing” your brand or your message.

It can be humorous, say funny flubs from cupcake decorators, or have a serious message. As an Emmy Award Winning television professional I have led teams to create powerful stories and produced powerful stories myself. Along the way I have gathered powerful stories as good examples. Some are incredibly simple, yet carry powerful messages. Here’s one such example:

At Digital 3000 we can create concepts, write, shoot, edit, and produce PSA’s and stories for your organization.