Half Of Web Users Getting Online Coupons!

The digital discount revolution continues and there are some interesting stories beyond Groupon and Living Social.

eMarketer now estimates nearly half of US adult internet users, or 88.2 million people, have redeemed an online coupon or code for use either online or offline in the past year. By 2013, that number is expected to rise to 96.8 million adults.

Experian Simmons reported that 12% of households redeemed coupons from email or the web that year; it expects that figure to reach 22% in 2011.

Many newspapers are already adding “daily deals,” Amazon is getting into the act, and with the rise in use of QR codes, it may be the time of the consumer!

The Difference Between Women With and Without Kids!

Sarah Mahoney reports on MediaPost.com that when it comes to online marketing there are some real differences between what women with and without kids are interested in receiving. It’s coming from a new study by Prospectiv. One example is that moms are more likely to say they want to hear from brands frequently.

When asked what type of information they are most like to receive by email, for example, 45% of the mothers in the survey say “anything that pertains to my lifestyle,” versus 30% of the women without kids. And only 25% of the moms say, “Don’t send me anything at all,” versus 35% of the non-moms.

Mothers are also far more likely to use product samples offered online (47% versus 38%) and use online coupons (40% versus 34%.) Women without kids are more likely to say that coupons and samples have less impact, and 27% of them say they buy products only when they need them, compared with just 20% of the mothers surveyed.