Do "Adlets" Really Work?

By now you are asking yourself what is an “adlet?”

Let’s take the five second news tease on TV down to one or two seconds and commercialize it. That’s an  “adlet” or a “blink” as they are called. And they are headed for a radio station near you.

Clear Channel which owns 1,200 stations and is the nation’s largest radio company is now selling—get this—five second, two second and even one second “adlets.” The question posed by the prestigious Wharton School is how effective can these be? And I agree.

They can’t introduce a brand but they might keep awareness up—-that is—unless they are buried in a stack of these tiny commercial messages in a commercial pod.

Can you imagine how many of these a broadcaster could get into a five minute commercial pod? Let’s do the math. (I can see the sales manager doing this….) Hmmm….five minutes divided by as many five second commercials as we can cram in there. Oh and be sure to give the sponsor a great reach and frequency number and remind them how many spots we can give them. Never mind the listener who suddenly starts hearing so many ads they glaze over and run off the road if they’re driving!

I can hear it now….
“Cars cost less at Ben’s Chevy in Seattle.”
“The best burgers in the world at Seattle Joe’s.”
“The Mariners play tonight, tickets still available.”
“Get your snow tires at Billy Bob’s auto repair in Seattle.”
[Just repeat this with as many lines as you can for the next five minutes]

Just imagine what marketing will be like as radio adapts.

More People Worldwide Watch More Channels on More Devices is reporting on findings from the Accenture second annual Global Broadcast Consumer Survey and the results are quite revealing…..

  • TV viewing has grown since last TV channels vs. 35% in 2008.
  • 39% watch eight or more TV programs per week vs. 33% last year.
  • Respondents who said they would also enjoy viewing content on other devices increased over the last year.
  • There were 13-point increases in the number who would watch content on personal

David Wolf, a senior executive with Accenture’s Media & Entertainment practice, concludes that “Consumers are making choices based on what they’ve tried, liked and rejected and are now selecting content and its delivery platforms… the modes of consumption that provide an alternative to the traditional TV experience are becoming part of everyday life… “

Despite more alternatives like the Internet and on-screen program guides, 40% of consumers use commercials to find content they would like to watch, 33% channel surf, 30% look to recommendations from friends and family, and 28% to TV listings.


Buzzin’ With Bill!

I hope you’ve seen the new Microsoft spots featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. They are creating quite a “buzz” and that’s what makes them special. It’s rare to have any advertising that breaks through the clutter, let alone have commercials that get people talking….but these ads do. They feature Bill and Jerry in “simple life” adventures trying to connect with normal people. Not only are people seeing the spots on TV, they are viewing them by the thousands on YouTube—and that’s making them viral!