Engage Don’t Describe!

The fun in marketing for the consumer is about engagement, and today that’s more than “liking” a Facebook post or commenting on a post. Consumers expect entertainment, relevance, and capturing their interest—otherwise you are sending out noise.

Walking down the street we are bombarded with signs, listening to noise, and nothing sticks—unless you make it remarkable. Sure, the first place to make your business remarkable is with remarkable customer service.

The second place is to create BUZZ.

Watch this video and see how some businesses are creating real buzz. It’s a video showcasing the wide range of innovative advertising solutions that JCDecaux offers across the world.
Original Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC3gmB0aZ1E

What’s the Most Talked About Brand?

Great article in Adweek.com about a new study by the Keller Fay Group citing Coca-Cola as the most talked-about brand in the country. Why is this important? Because soda isn’t particularly “buzzworthy.”

Katie Bayne, CMO at Coca-Cola, North America, said: “We’re actively and consistently fueling buzz through innovative efforts like the nearly 11 million-household My Coke Rewards program . . . top-rated Super Bowl and Internet advertising, and an Olympic program that connected the world over a Coke.”

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Buzzin’ With Bill!

I hope you’ve seen the new Microsoft spots featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. They are creating quite a “buzz” and that’s what makes them special. It’s rare to have any advertising that breaks through the clutter, let alone have commercials that get people talking….but these ads do. They feature Bill and Jerry in “simple life” adventures trying to connect with normal people. Not only are people seeing the spots on TV, they are viewing them by the thousands on YouTube—and that’s making them viral!