A Weekend in West By God Virginia


Each year, the WVU Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) graduate program hosts the INTEGRATE conference in Morgantown, WV. I was fortunate to attend this year and wanted to share just how amazing the weekend was for me, personally and professionally.

First of all, I was looking forward to being on campus for the first time… ever. Being able to take in Morgantown and the WVU campus was part of the reason I wanted to attend. I took several silly selfies, played temporary co-ed, and survived the trek up and down the steps to the Life Sciences Building multiple times (only on the last day did anyone tell me about the elevator). Visiting the bookstore and eating in the Lair were bonuses. The reception at the Alumni Center was special given the fact that next year I will be one and that building will be “mine” and I got to meet the…

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