Consumers, Persuasion Science, And Honors!

10348228_10152434622976445_4427785789427419092_nFascinating few days to share.

I attended West Virginia University’s annual Integrate marketing conference which has featured speakers from Facebook and this year Google.

Two developments:

1) I presented research: “how to change consumer behavior with a nudge and persuasion science” 

2) I was awarded the Alexia Vanides Teaching Award [] as nominated and voted by the students for my graduate online teaching in emerging media (and was also named a faculty team lead). 

The Alexia Vanides IMC Teaching Award recognizes faculty and instructors at WVU’s P.I. Reed School of Journalism who have positively impacted a student’s educational experience. The IMC program recognizes one instructor annually who serves as an effective and inspiring educator, adviser, and mentor in the program’s online environment. The award is based solely on student nominations of their instructors. Nominations begin in the spring of each year.

I am so proud and grateful to be working with students at West Virginia’s IMC program and Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics.

Joe Barnes


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