The rise of the Nabi

Words, Lines and Thinker

nabiIn a World …no, seriously. While the name might sound like an undiscovered population or country, Nabi is the name of a new tablet made just for kids. When I first learned of the device, I wasn’t even watching one of the first commercials they did – I heard it and was intrigued . The marketing team at Nabi did their homework. It was the most sweet, endearing voice you’d ever want to hear. Check it out:

It was ingenious on their end when it came to branding. The key words they used in the commercial – connection; not just a tablet, a friend – are words that their key demographic will pick up on. The self-titled everything tablet is aimed at kids 3 – 13+ and offers different versions of the device based on age. The Nabi website gives you a snapshot of the different types of models available and…

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