The Value of Social Media During Major Disasters

While millions of people are being affected by the storm Sandy, we are seeing the value of social media. On Twitter #Sandy has seen more than 4-million mentions with a potential reach of 3-billion followers. (Radian6).

Courtesy NY Daily News
USA Today reports that “Hurricane Sandy” was the top phrase on Facebook in the USA in the past 24 hours.
The Associated Press and USA Today report that on the mobile photo sharing site Instagram, there were 233,000 photos with the hashtag “Sandy,” 100,000 under “Hurricanesandy” and 20,000 under “Frankenstorm” as of Monday afternoon. 
Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says, “There are now 10 pictures per second being posted with the hashtag ‘Sandy.”

What this means is that people have been turning to social media for information, they have been sharing information and photos, they have been using social media to check on family and friends, and they have been using these platforms to send good wishes people on the East Coast. 


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