Why EVERY Organization Needs a Crisis Communications Plan NOW!

Mall shootings, theater shootings, workplace shootings, and now today a gunman in New York City goes and shoots his boss.

“Nine people were wounded and two people were killed outside the Empire State Building in Midtown Manhattan Friday after a disgruntled women’s accessories designer shot his 41 year-old former boss. The two dead include the gunman, who was shot and killed by police near the tourist entrance of the landmark skyscraper.” The Associated Press and Yahoo News
I speak about and teach Crisis Communications and the one thing I tell every organization is that NO organization today is immune from a crisis. Whether it’s an employee, volunteer, board member, customer, etc., we live in a world in which anything can happen.

Most organizations are prepared with business continuity plans, usually drafted by the legal department, or, as I found at one university, a 300 page plan (which no one will use in a crisis).

Every organization’s reputation is at stake. All of your good will can be wiped out with negative news coverage unless you:
1. Know how to manage the media
2. Have a crisis communications plan (that everyone in the organization is familiar with). 

Your first statement of the plan should be NO ONE talks to the news media except an authorized spokesperson (which should be designated in the plan).

Creating plans are not costly; not having a plan can cost the success and future of your business.

As a former award-winning journalist who knows how the news media works and an expert in crisis communications planning, we can help you create a plan in two days that could save your business.

Joe Barnes,  http://www.Digital3000.net

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