The Psychology of a Crisis

One of the classes I teach at two universities is Crisis Communications. It’s also a workshop topic I have created for businesses, whether for-profit or nonprofit. The massacre at Aurora, Colorado demonstrates that no business is immune from a crisis. A crisis event can happen anytime, any place.
Every business needs to have a crisis communications plan. It’s not a 300 page plan, it’s no more than two pages. Everyone in the organization needs to have a copy with them at all times. 
What’s most important? Understanding what happens to the staff and the people affected, knowing how to manage the crisis, and how to communicate with key stakeholders.
The affects of a crisis, especially one as horrible as the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, has severe psychological impact. The emotions that take place for survivors? Shock, terror, irritability, blame, anger, guilt, grief, sadness, helplessness, disbelief, confusion, nightmares, decreased self-esteem, self-blame, worry, conflict, social withdrawal, impaired work performance, impaired school performance, and distrust.
If your company wants to be prepared to protect your reputation, we are happy to help. From a negative story to a crisis, NO business is immune. 

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