The Power of Relentless Focus!

On a consulting trip this past weekend I was reminded of the power of focus.

When you develop your positioning statement, your brand promise to your customers, it needs to be integrated and used relentlessly on all platforms. Even if the competition shifts or attacks you in some way, stay on message and stay on point. Even when a CEO or board members want to be in “reaction” mode, stay on message and stay on point.

The analogy is when Bill Clinton was running for President. You’ll recall they had signs everywhere saying, “It’s the economy stupid.” That was a powerful reminder that no matter where he went, no matter what was in the news, stay on message and stay on point.

In this day and age when anything can pop up on the news, the rumor mill, or in social/digital media, no matter what action you take, stay on message. Make sure, above all else, that you get your key strategic message points across, at the beginning, not at the end.

Research shows we receive on average 3,500-5,000 marketing messages a day—that number will only increase. If you want to be successful with your brand promise, say it, do it, and keep saying it over and over.


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