Why Facebook Needs to Listen to Make Money!

For all of the billions of dollars we’ve been hearing about with Facebook lately. For all of the smart brainiacs working there. For all of the fabulous things they have created. The one thing that Facebook doesn’t get is how to place effective advertising that serves both users and advertisers.

There’s a very good reason that GM pulled $10-million in advertising from Facebook. There’s a good reason why I’ve heard from many other business owners who have pulled advertising.

Here’s why.

Do I really care that my friends have “liked” certain businesses? I’m on Facebook to socialize right now and there is — no joke — an ad for “Metamucil.” [No jokes please]  Now I have nothing against Metamucil but seriously. Am I really interested in that product while I’m sending birthday messages to my friends on Facebook?

Come on. Facebook has demographics deeper than oil rigs and yet they can’t figure out what I’m interested in?

The other ads below Metamucil were even less relevant and interesting.

The greater challenge for Facebook is to fully understand how and why people use Facebook. Hello! People go there to socialize, unlike Google where people search for a topic.

If I’m on Facebook to socialize, you would think the FB experts could figure out a better way to understand my interests in real time and place ads that are relevant, timely, and interesting.

If I’m writing and wishing people a Happy Birthday are there local businesses that want to reach me? Bakeries, cup cake bakers, card makers, anything related to birthdays.

If I post pictures about taking my kids to the zoo it seems like family-oriented venues would want their ads on my page right away. Maybe even Disney ads?

I could go on and on, but until Facebook becomes realistic about understanding that the web is a REAL TIME experience, their ads will languish off to the side. Google gets it; Facebook doesn’t.

I welcome your comments. joe@digital3000.net

(c) Joseph Barnes, http://www.Digital3000.net


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