Why You Must Start Producing Videos About Your Business!

The world is hungry for interesting, fascinating, funny, entertaining, dramatic videos. Don’t believe me? Look at the YouTube stats!

If you are in marketing, PR, advertising, or anything close, you are now in the content business. You need to be creating interesting and relevant content—not “marketing speak.”

People are hungry for video. They are interested in compelling stories that hold their attention. Not “industrial on parade” dull videos, but compelling stories about what you do, the people you serve, the customers that use your products/service, where you are making a difference in the community.

Too many people today turn on TV and watch “the least objectionable show.” What are they looking for? Interesting and relevant video.

It’s about the story. You don’t need $10,000 to produce a video—you need a compelling story. Stories use drama, emotion, surprise, reveals, etc. They touch our hearts and our emotions. We feel something. And all the traditional marketing in the world can’t do that.

At DIGITAL3000.net we can help you produce compelling stories that will break through and get noticed.

My favorites? Below you will find two examples of breakthrough stories. 

Joe Barnes (c) http://www.Digital3000.net

Created by RedSnappa (www.redsnappa.com)

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