Get Ready For Change! Find Out What’s Next!

There are two constants I can safely predict:
1. How we gather content will continue to change, and
2. How we distribute content will continue to change.
If you think the world is just about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube you have only to look at Pinterest. 
The world is about social relationships, community, listening and responding to customers, and sharing. Technologies are changing rapidly and so are platforms. To be an effective marketer in this environment you need to do a couple of smart things:
1. Know your customer. And that doesn’t just mean reading data and research reports. It means seeing, watching, listening, and understanding the behavior of your customers.
2. Why you are in business. Every business markets the “What we do,” and “How we do it.” Why do you do it? This concept is shared by Simon Sinek.  He says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” This is what put Apple on the map and separated Apple from everyone else.
3.  Create Compelling Content: In this day and age, people want interesting, relevant content, not marketing speak. Become a great storyteller. Hire great writers and storytellers, not people who bang out traditional news releases and marketing blah, blah, blah speak. It’s about creating a great story that engages your customers.
Understand that the way we view content is dramatically changing. This IS the mobile and screen revolution. 
Samsung Electronics has a portfolio of products that cover multiple screens — televisions, smartphones, tablets, and computers. They have a unique perspective as both a manufacturer and major advertiser. Ralph Santana discussed the company’s multiple screen strategy including innovation with unconventional marketing and how Samsung will activate its 2012 Olympic sponsorship.

(c) Joseph Barnes 

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