What’s the Magic Word for Ecommerce Sites?

I consider Roger Dooly to be an expert on the subject of Neuromarketing. In fact, he’s the author of a book by the same name.

He has a great post on his website about a research study by Kantar Media which surveyed 2,500+ shoppers to determine what would motivate them to place an order. “Which of the following would encourage you to place more orders online?”

  • 77% Free shipping
  • 56% Free returns
  • 43% In-store return option
  • 41% Ability to use in-store coupons online
  • 41% Faster shipping
  • 41% In-store pick-up option

As Roger says, what stands out? FREE.

Roger writes about “The Power of Free.” It’s an important read for anyone interested in understanding why consumers buy.

This is Joe talking now—-Yes, they buy primarily based on word of mouth recommendations from friends and if you do things right—price. Treat your customer extraordinarily well, and they will love you in return. As Andy Sernovitz would say: You must provide “remarkable” customer service — that is — customer service so special people will tell others how great you and your products/service are.

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