Kindle Singles Could Be A Game Changer!

There’s a new story out in the NY Times that could be a major game changer in many ways: For tablet users, Kindle readers, writers, professors, and it could be the saving grace for journalists. It’s the “Kindle Single.”

Dwight Garner writes, “They’re works of long-form journalism that seek out that sweet spot between magazine articles and hardcover books. Amazon calls them “compelling ideas expressed at their natural length.” 

Dwight says they are, “long enough for genuine complexity, short enough that you don’t need journalistic starches and fillers.”
The article goes on:
For writers, there’s money to be made here. Amazon offers 70 percent of the royalties to its Singles authors. 
The all-time best-selling Single, a short story titled “Second Son,” by Lee Child, the British-born thriller writer, was originally published by Delacorte Press; it is priced at $1.99 and has sold more than 180,000 copies. 
 So far Amazon has issued more than 160 Singles, at a rate of 3 per week. It has fairly strict rules for the nonfiction it selects. No excerpts from books. Generally no expanded versions of articles that have appeared elsewhere. 

This will be a game changer!

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