Social Media Trends to Watch in 2012!

David Armano of Edelman Digital is one of the smart minds. His insights are worth noting. He has just come out with six social media predictions for 2012 on Harvard Business Review blog:
  1. Convergence Emergence – social goes transmedia; social OOH (out-of-home -aka interactive posters/billboards) and social POS (socially connected point of sale)
  2. The Cult of Influence – measuring, harnessing and exploiting social influence – Klout is just the beginning
  3. Gamification Nation – increasing social app appeal with game techniques breaks out of consumer-ville and into professional and public applications
  4. Social Sharing – from frictionless (automatic) sharing to elective sharing, we’ll be sharing more of what we do with the world
  5. Social Television – second screen social interaction around TV; Twitter voting/feedback and TV check-in apps like Get Glue are just the start
  6. The Micro Economy – peer-to-peer marketplaces, open-outsourcing (crowdsourcing) contests to flourish in an economy where efficiency rules

I believe two big ones you can move on right now are #2 and and #5.

The Cult of Influence: Use every employee as an ambassador, have a formal word of mouth marketing program using the 5T’s from Andy Sernovitz, leverage your Facebook page to demonstrate brand understanding, and by all means use your Facebook page to create a two way dialogue with your stakeholders. Need help? We can help you do this.

Social Television: All marketers are in the the content business from this day forward. It’s not about news releases and traditional advertising, it’s about telling compelling stories that readers and viewers want to engage in. You want them to want more. We now have TV sets being made with the Internet built in. The day is coming soon when the TV set search engine will scan for TV programs, web stories, social media, etc., and viewers will land on what’s interesting –— not what they do now—pick the least objectionable show.
(c) Joe Barnes

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