6 Big Social Media Trends for 2012!

As we transition into the new year and factor what we have seen in 2011 it’s time to analyze the trends and make predictions about what we will see in 2012. based on evidence.

1. In the event of a crisis or major negative news event, more people than ever will use social media tools to share what is happening, to complain about what isn’t be done to solve the situation, and to offer help. People have more smartphones than ever and with the capability they have more than texting. They have capability to record and send videos and stills, tweet videos and stills, post videos and stills to Facebook, etc. The power continues to shift to the consumer as a citizen journalist.

2. Mobile commerce will continue to grow. Mobile is clearly becoming the new way people shop and tablets have made it even easier. It’s already surpassed $2-billion a year.

3. Newspapers, once the bastions of content creation are experiencing 5th straight year of declining revenue and that will continue.

4. Entertainment is changing rapidly. Eight years of video is uploaded every day to YouTube. The monthly time spent on social networks is setting records. TV sets are being manufactured with the Internet built in.  Content creation is the future. We will also see more integration of social media with TV shows. For instance, the X Factor permitted people to vote via Twitter. Expect social media to be combined with TV shows for an instant two way experience.

5. Social media is about “engagement.” If advertisers and marketers are going to succeed, they must become more innovative in creating ways to “engage” consumers online. I predict we will see some bright innovations and great techniques spring up during 2012.

6. Gamification: Expect to see more advertising inside of games and more businesses creating games on their websites to extend the brand experience. 

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