Why Customer Service Matters

There’s a lot of buzz about banking these days, mostly negative. Why? Fees, people feel like they are just a number, they are constantly waiting for the traditional teller, and they need to go to different people for different transactions. Oh but wait—some now offer a free cup of coffee or a piece of candy. 

Nationally we’ve seen a big movement toward credit unions, partly because of the “threat” of fees, partly because of customer service. Uh, make that how you are treated as a customer. 
On the West Coast there are two shining examples of how to treat customers differently:
1) BECU: Boeing Employees Credit Union, open to all Washington state residents.
2) Umpqua Bank: Now in California, Oregon and Washington, and rated as one of the top places to work.
If you walk into either of these one person—get that one person—can handle all of your transactions. They look at you when you walk in, they smile, and they are different. They treat you like you would like to be treated. Oh by the way, at any Umpqua branch there is a phone you can pick up and immediately be connected to the CEO!
Take a look at what both look like and think about this: Is every tough point in your organization providing top notch customer service that is “remarkable?”

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