Content Delivery Is About to Charge in a Big Way!

There is a very important story out today that comes on the heels of what I have been speaking about for the last several years: That how media is delivered is about to change in a dramatic way. We have off-air TV, cable, satellite, the Internet with TV sets being manufactured with the Internet and social media built in, and of course the big dog: Google.

According to today’s story that Google IS going after $150 billion-per-year pay television market.
“The company’s already announced plans to build a fiber-optic high-speed Internet service in Kansas City, Mo. and Kansas City, Kan., and according to The Wall Street Journal [subscription required], now Google might be thinking about ways to expand that into pay video and telephone services.”

“That would put Google in direct competition with cable companies and phone companies that have expanded into what’s called the “triple play” of communications: cable television, telephone and high-speed Internet.”

“Google’s negotiations with content creators could also give Google TV an advantage it has never enjoyed before, where the biggest weakness of the company’s potentially groundbreaking TV service was the lack of cooperation of content creators. If it puts itself on equal footing with the other pay TV providers, it might be in a better position to offer its Google TV service as a hub for video, no matter where it comes from.”

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