5 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd on Facebook

Many businesses and organizations are using Facebook because they think they must have a presence there yet they are missing out on true opportunities to build online relationships with current and potential customers, build brand understanding, and create true two-way conversations with followers.

Here are five ways to stand out from the crowd:

1. For every 10 Facebook posts, make two about your organization and/or business and eight (8) that have tangible, relevant, and interesting advice for the people that follow your Facebook site. Example: I advised Girl Scouts of Western Washington that the true followers were mothers raising daughters. I advised them to post articles and links on stories that would help mothers raising their daughters and dealing with issues like drugs, bullying, peer pressure, etc.

2. After you do a post like #1, ask a question that prompts a two way dialogue such as, “What have you tried that has worked?” One nonprofit I worked with did this and their followers went up consistently but more important, the engagement posts by followers went up significantly.

3. Post videos that help followers understand your brand. I believe we must go deeper than brand awareness. People need to know what you do and what you stand for. Nothing is more powerful than great, digital storytelling. Highlight these on your wall, post them on your Facebook video page (and your website).

4. Be responsive. Nothing disappoints a follower more than posting a question or compliant on Facebook and then hours or days go by with no response. If you have a Facebook presence, monitor it closely — be quick and responsive when people ask questions or complain.

5. Facebook is a community and it’s about sharing. Are you “pushing” information or asking your followers to tell their stories about engaging experiences (good, bad, ugly) with your business or organization? Think of it as great on-going research.

(c) Joseph Barnes Digital 3000

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