New Facebook Study: Which Posts Get the Most Engagement!

There’s a new study out by Facebook that gives us some revealing information about which posts spark the greatest engagement. 

They researched journalists’ pages to learn which types of posts draw the most engagement.


• Posts with a question or call to action received the most feedback, with twice the comments as the average post and 64 percent more feedback overall.

• Posts with a journalist’s analysis and personal reflections saw 20 percent more referral clicks.

• Photos drew 50 percent more “likes” than non-photo posts.

• Long and short ones generate feedback, but lengthier posts—those with four and five lines—on average drew the most feedback overall.

• The most popular topics dealt with education, politics, and behind-the-scenes insight and analysis.

• Posts later in the week—Thursdays through Sundays—received the most feedback. Sunday posts saw the highest amount.

• Although the study said readers are active throughout the day, spikes in feedback occurred at the start of the day, late in the morning, later in the workday, and late night. 

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