Seven Social Networking Mistakes Not to Make!

As you polish your skills in social media there is some special advice I would like to share about the “do’s” and what not to do:

Remember this advice:

  • Share your knowledge, not your location. People don’t care what you are eating, but they do have interest in what you know. Share your knowledge about marketing and other insights that can help people grow. 
  • Create community: When you post, ask how others have dealt with the situation. Prompt a two-way conversation. Remember, social media is about “social dialogue.” Create a two-way conversation.
  • Be transparent, human and authentic. 
What not to do?
1. Don’t tweet every hour. Be respectful of people.
2. Don’t rip off someone’s content on Twitter or elsewhere without giving them credit.
3. Don’t tweet about your life. Unless that’s specially why people are following you, share knowledge, not every place you go. 
4. Don’t tweet once a month. You’ll never get followers. 
5. Learn from lawmakers, be careful what you tweet.
6. Don’t neglect replies. If someone replies to a post or tweet, respond back.
7. Don’t be a generalist. Be known for some kind of expertise. Have a focus.

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