Winning Storytelling Techniques!

The future IS content.

With that in mind here are some winning storytelling techniques to keep in mind whether you are writing a story, creating a video, PSA or commercial:

The best storytelling touches our hearts and our emotions. It could have  elements of drama, be heartwarming, be funny, or have a revealing surprise and be shocking. Emotion is the #1 key.

Look for story elements that “inspire” people — and remember these two points: People want to feel “connected” and “accepted.” When you create a story include elements they can identify with that are relevant to their lives. Then  engage your audience.

What should you stay away from?  Abstract communications are dull and dry because they are not populated with people but with things.

Remember, in the online world, whether it’s a written story or a video, you have less than 10-seconds to interest most viewers—so what are you going to do that will GRAB their attention?

Stories are memorable when they are done right, and powerful and memorable stories can be told in as little as 30-seconds.  As an example, look at the simplicity and power of this video.
(c) | Joseph Barnes


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