Posting Strategies that Create Facebook Engagement

We all want Facebook followers but what’s more important, Facebook followers or people who engage with your brand and post questions, comments and feedback? In reality it’s the latter. Facebook is only a tool unless you use it to create community and a two way dialogue with your followers.

So how do you do that? It’s actually far simpler than you might think.

1. Don’t make every post about you. For every 10 posts, only do two about your brand, product, service, or a sale you are having. With the other eight provide interesting and relevant information that will be of value to your followers. For example, if you are a youth nonprofit provide information how parents can help their children handle peer pressure, bullying, the threat of using drugs, etc. The more relevant you are, the more value you have to your followers.

2. After you provide that relevant and interesting information pose a question to your followers that prompts the two-way conversation such as, “How have you dealt with this kind of situation?”

3. Keep in mind that according to the latest research, most people in the United States log onto Facebook before or after work so put your best posts where the greatest number of people will see them.

4. What days of the week are best? Thursdays and Fridays, but you should post the other days of the week also.

5. What else can you do? Tweet about your relevant Facebook posts with the URL to your Facebook site. You can also do the same on LinkedIn, especially if you have joined the 50 LinkedIn groups you are permitted to join.

It’s all about the content. If you are relevant and interesting—they will come. 

Remember—it’s about community, engagement, and a two-way dialogue. 

(c) Joe Barnes


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