15 Ways To Use Facebook for Business!

Facebook is a gold mine of opportunities—IF—you take advantage of them. Here are ways to do that especially if you are a nonprofit or for-profit business:
1. Create compelling videos that add “life” to your profile. 
2. Get your fans to tag their pictures. 
3. Run a monthly contest with a great giveaway.  People love FREE. 
4. Link to Twitter. Get your tweets on your FB page.
5. Display your Facebook page at your store.
6. Add your Facebook profile url to your email address.
7. Post coupons and discounts.
8. Ask for feedback. Remember, social networking is about community.
9. Wish people happy birthday on FB.
10. Provide relevant information and tips people can use tied to your type of business.
11. Join groups related to your business interests.
12. Add events related to your type of business.
13. Share professional presentations that help people in your type of business.
14. Do surveys and polls.
15. Drive traffic to your blog or website.

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