Make Money on Facebook!

Facebook is for more than making friends. Did you know you can make money on FB? Here are several ideas:

1. Develop a hit application.
2. FB’s marketplace is a great place to do business.
3. Facebook advertising. Given FB’s reach and unlimited inventory, some buyers are purchasing ads on Facebook and selling the targeted traffic via networks.
4. e3buy Auction – Works with the e3buy auction site so you can add auctions to your profile as well as open a store.
5. CafePress – Pretty much everyone has heard of CafePress, and with this Facebook app you can start selling whatever you have on your store via your profile.
6. Garage Sale – In association with, Garage Sale allows you to sell your items to your friends, like that box of old books, your bike, etc.
7. Lemonade – Works just like it’s parent site, Pick items you like from a selection of sites, add the widget to your profile, make a commission on anything that sells.
8. Music Blaster – An application that works with BlastMyMusic. Promote small musical acts and earn a 5% commission on sales of their music.
9. Shopit – Got some spare CDs? Create a simple store and sell off your items to your friends via this store application.

Credit for this list goes to  Sean P. Aune from a post on Mashable.


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