Creative Ways to Use Facebook!

If Facebook were a country, it would now be the third largest in the world. It’s more than a social network. It’s a marketing gold mine.

Here is a creative way to use Facebook:

1. Have a big event you need publicized? Say a big nonprofit event? We do and it’s called GirlFest. It’s happening August 28th at Seattle’s Qwest Field Event Center. It’s “Everything Cool About Being a Girl!” How to use Facebook? I wrote up some copy and included the URL, sent it to my FB friends and asked them to post it. Fifty people did. Now that 50 x 300+ = 15,000 impressions.

2. Next I asked the staff to do it. We have about 130 people working here. If 100 people do it and they each have 300 friends, that’s 30,000 impressions.

Get the idea…..

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