How To Win At Social Media

If you want to win in social media, read this every day:
1. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, YouTube, website, etc.,  are just technology tools. Nothing more.
2. To use them successfully, it’s about creating “relationships” and “communities.” That’s why Facebook is so successful. It’s a community for you and your friends. It’s “social.”
3. Creating “community” and “relationships” means engaging people, having two-way conversations (not just pushing information at them), listening to what they are interested in, responding to their wants and needs, and sharing things (pictures, information, etc) that are RELEVANT to their lives—not yours. 
4. It’s about getting them to share their stories, their pictures, their videos of why they use and like your brand. It’s NOT about you telling them why they should like your brand. 
5. Be real, be authentic, and engage. Don’t run away from a problem. Face it head on. That’s the magic of social media. You get to see and hear the problems instead of them be underground.
6. Create a website that gives instant access to your brand and let people connect with what they like and love. Don’t just “post” stories, data, facts and figures. The website is and should be about two-way relationships. Create ways for people to “engage” on your website. 

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