What’s Wrong With TV News!

Okay so I must confess I spent much of my career in local television news as a News Director and I also consulted over 50 stations. I know how tough it is to gather, produce and air news in a pressure-cooker environment, but there are just some things that TV and Radio journalists need to think about—-starting with the customer.

Here’s an example. Every day I hear a piece of bad news and the anchor or reporter saying “Thanks to…” Come on. “The highway is closed thanks to an eight car crash that killed four people.” You don’t say “thanks to” when it’s coupled with bad news. You might say “because,” or something else, but not “thanks to.”

Here’s another one. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve commuted by car my entire life. I have no idea what a “gore point” is. Heck, I don’t even know if I’m spelling it right. Or how about the “collector distributor lanes.” I just wonder why traffic people think we know what a “gore point” is and what the “collector distributor lanes” are.

Has anyone thought recently about the viewer or listener?

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